Vancouver to Salmon Arm

Lazy morning and got ready by the time Will came to pick us up around noon. Once he got there we planned out the trip a little bit … at least as far as we were going to go that day. Our plan was to head to Revelstoke, this town in the Columbia mountains. We left with a whole group: Anne, Will, Nate, Justin and myself and headed out for lunch. We ate at a sushi place around the corner from Nate’s place. Our second and last sushi in Vancouver! I wish we had more while we were there, but I guess we were too rushed. With our bellies filled we parted ways finally. It was sad to leave Nate because I think it’s going to be a long while before I see him again. Three cups of Starbucks to serve as a memory of Vancouver, and we hit the road.

About 3 minutes later I spilled most of my coffee on my jeans. I can’t say that I was surprised.

We began the long drive and the scenery was rapidly changing as we left the city. We were in the foothills that kept getting taller and taller. I was surprised at the many trickling waterfalls and streams coming down what I called “mountains”, but really were just hills compared to what we were about to see (yet another spoiler!). It was raining pretty heavily in parts and overall was really damp. This was the windward side of the mountain and so my geography education gave me the foresight to expect this rain. Take that, Mrs. White! For those unaware, she gave me a C- in Grade 4 geography.

It was pretty fun to ride alongside the Canadian Pacific Railway. We saw some really long carriages that spanned for what felt like kilometres.

Eventually we got to a section that felt almost like a desert. The trees had gone away and there were grassy fields. It was still really hill, but we weren’t climbing in terms of elevation very much. I’m not sure what region this was, but I think Will said it was the Okanagan Valley. I’ll have to double check that. It was around Kamloops, BC.

Eventually the sun began to set, which seems to happen more quickly when you’re travelling between mountains and light was low. We realized there was no way we could reach Revelstoke! We had to change the plan and decided to set up camp in the town of Salmon Arm, about an hour away.

Our camp turned out to be a Super 8 motel. Not exactly roughing it. We ate dinner at the next door “Home” restaurant. It seems to have a presence in a lot of the mountain towns. The food was great. I had bangers and mash with some fried veggies. Can’t remember for the life of me what the other two ordered. We went back to the hotel and checked emails, read books, and drink some beer. Will gave me another fantastic one called Old Rasputin.

Eventually we fell asleep. Or so I thought … Tune in next week to find out what happened that stormy night!