Vancouver Day 5

Long lie in this morning. When we did drag ourselves up we went with Nate to this organic breakfast place a few stops down the road. It was called Aphrodite’s Cafe. A bit on the pricey side, but with incredible food. We all had omelettes, but the salad was one of the best I’ve ever had – and I don’t particularly like salads. When we got back we had to rush to get ready for Will and Anne’s parents to take us to Ernest’s cousins house. There was some confusion as to where this was; Anne was adamant that we were going to Whistler so I was excited. Unfortunately it was nowhere near Whistler and was more of a suburb south of Vancouver. Still a really nice place, and up a relatively big mountain. Gary (Ernest’s cousin) is a camera man. He’s done quite a few big movies including the recent Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and he’s filming a show called Eureka! right now. He had some pretty cool stories. His wife, Monica, is an artist and has tons of cool pottery and glass art in the house. We were there for the whole afternoon and I played some Splinter Cell with their son Lawrence, at least until the Family Timer kicked us off the system. Thank goodness my mom and dad never managed to install one of those … I almost had a tantrum and it wasn’t even my house J

We had a turkey dinner that was delicious. Oh! They also have a golden retriever named Shadow (from Homeward Bound no less) who was really friendly. The dog had some skin problems and had lost a lot of its hair, but recently they tried this new herbal remedy and also put the dog on an all raw seafood diet (lucky dog!) and it’s hair bloomed back. We had turkey and Shadow had a massive piece of salmon!

The neighbourhood had some interesting stories. Apparently they are close to a forest so there are bears and cougars that sometimes come into the burbs. Also, about 1/3 of the houses in the area were marijuana grow-ops!! All related to Taiwanese gangs and other organized crime. The houses all end up ruined in the end and mostly have to be completely renovated.

We left after dinner and made our way back to Nate’s house without getting too lost. I said goodbye to Anne’s parents. They were leaving the next morning at 7am so we wouldn’t see them until we got to Windsor again. Can’t remember what we did this night … I have a feeling I fell asleep ridiculously fast, so I’ll call it a day here.