Vancouver Day 3

Day 3, now what happened in Day 3? Oh yes, Nate had to get up and go to his weekly group meeting at about 11. We went with him to campus but then parted ways and Anne and I headed to the library (like good Engineers). I checked up on some emails and surfed the net for bit while Anne worked on her application to McGill. The old library is beautiful. They’ve taken an old building (not sure how old) and modernized it whilst preserving the antiquity of the old building. It reminded me of the Baden Center at UofT. They had big old comfy leather chairs and Apple iMacs everywhere. All in all, very impressive. Oh – and quiet! Like a library should be. I won’t gripe about the DC library at Waterloo right now, but that place is a zoo! Then we decided to stop being nerds and went to go see the sights around campus. We checked out the rose garden which on top of being beautiful, has an amazing mountain vista in the background.

Next we went to Timmies (and paid 1.80 for a coffee … yeesh) to wait for Nate. One Sudoku and half a crossword later he showed up after a successfully boring group meeting. We hopped on the bus towards town (me wearing proper shoes this time), and our first stop after getting the Sky Train again was Japadog! A famous Japanese hotdog stand in Vancouver has several locations, ours was on Burrard and Smithe Sts. The hotdog was about $9 with a coke, expensive as with all Vancouver food. But! It was really original and something I’ve never seen before. You get seaweed on it and wasabi mayonnaise. Pretty groovy. I can’t remember what # I ordered, but the caption mentioned “the Kobe beef of hotdogs”.

Then we went for a beer at Doolins Irish Pub and had a few local beers. Delicious! Okanagan Hefweizen is a great wheat beer and one I definitely recommend. There was a real Irish band playing so that was a good change from the usual pub music. Then we made our way to Granville Island again. We walked around for a while and saw that the Fringe Festival was going on, and one of the spots was Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog. I was really excited, but unfortunately we couldn’t make any of the shows L bummer. Next we went to an awesome restaurant called Sammy Chili. The service was fast, food was cheap (for Vancouver), and the gin and tonics top notch.

After that we hummed and hawed as to whether we were going to see an improv comedy show on Granville. Some random drunk guy convinced us that going downtown was the place to be. So with a whisk of our capes, and a tip of our hats, we started trekking back to town across Granville Bridge. Once we crossed we saw this bar that also had a comedy show! This one was really cool and I had read about it online before I came to Vancouver. It was the “Standup for Mental Health” show. All of the comedians had some mental illness (schizophrenia, bipolar, OCD). Hilarity ensued and we had a lot of good laughs. Many of them were amateurs but it was great to see budding comics. The star of the night was Mike Macdonald (from Just for Laughs fame). He really killed, I liked his set, it was very comfortable and laid back.

After the show we made our way back via our Sky Train and bus route. Nate and I played some guitar, we all separately did some crosswords/computer work/reading and then went to sleep.