Vancouver Day 1

I flew from Toronto direct to Vancouver, the flight wasn’t too bad, about 5 hours long. West Jet is a really good airline with friendly staff. A funny trick they like to play is coming around with food and drink that costs money, and then 15 minutes later coming by with free stuff. I watched Dragon’s Den on the plane (they have live TV … in the sky!! Wow!). Landed and met up with Anne and her folks pretty quickly. Then Nate showed up and we were driven home by his roommate Justin. They live about 15 minutes from the airport, right on the University of British Columbia campus. We took a night time walk around campus and saw a 25m blue whale skeleton, as well as their two beautiful libraries. UBC campus is pretty incredible. They only had one building, Education Studies, which came close to the 1970s architectural travesties of UWaterloo. It was really great to see Nate again, and he knows his way around Vancouver like the back of his hand, so he was an excellent tour guide as well! We made our way back to his apartment and then Anne and I went to sleep around 12, which was 3am in Ontario time. Nate slept in the living room. Poor Nate!