IE9 – Bad to the bone

This morning I read that IE9 is better than other browsers because they “‘dilute’ their energies on other operating systems” with a whole lot of baloney hurrah about how IE9 will work with the operating system and the GPU. It’s all garbage, because as Robert O’Clallahan at Mozilla says – IE9 does nothing differently (unless you call shameful marketing ‘something different’).

All that aside I decided to try and download a copy and see how it ran. My quest was cut short – because it turns out I can’t download IE9. Microsoft said IE9 is optimized to work with your operating system – and they’re doing a right crap job of that from the start. When I visit the download page I get this:

The problem? I am running Windows 7! I can’t even download their damn software because their operating system detection is non-functioning. Well done Microsoft, this holds great promise for your latest and greatest steaming pile of internet sh*t!

I can’t say I look forward to fiddling with CSS/markup in yet-another-version of their spiteful browser until, as Ringo* once said, ‘I’ve got BLISTERS on my fingers’.

*Edit: I should have consulted my Beatles representative before posting. It was Ringo not Paul who said this. Thanks Matt … although I’m still not sure how drummers can get finger blisters. Too much twirling.