Vancouver Day 4

Wedding day! The reason for the trip. Anne and I got up early and prepared our stuff for the wedding. We were getting picked up around 12 and the wedding was at 2:30. In the morning we found time to watch “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”. It’s a not-too-bad comedy whose shining gem is the fact that Eddie Izzard plays the evil mastermind. Brilliant!

Will and his mom and dad came to pick us up on time. We went to their hotel and got ready. Actually I’m not sure why we went to the hotel now that I think of it? Anyway, that’s how things go sometimes. Then we left for the wedding. It was in Stanley Park at a part of the park that Nate, Anne and I already walked past on Thursday. It was a short and sweet ceremony. Bees abound. The sun was out briefly, but most of the ceremony was overcast. This was quite pleasant as it was neither too hot nor too cold. Also Anne’s side of the family was quite relieved as none of them had brought their SPF 8000 sunblock that day. Everyone was fascinated by the bridesmaid’s dresses having secretly pockets massive pockets. Other than some microphone troubles it was a great time and their wedding vows were very honest and lovely. By the way, it is Stephen and Raylene wearing the groom and bridal outfits respectively.

After the ceremony there was the usual hour or so of pictures and then we left for the hotel again. By accident we got lost and by fortunate accident we had to drive all the way around Stanley Park. It was a fantastic drive! When we got to the hotel we ate some quick food and I had one of Will’s beers, Duchess of Vourgogne (I think?). Expensive but really a nice beer. Will is quite the beer buff, and so he knows tons of different kinds of good beers. I was looking forward to this trip J. He can drive the way back and I’ll just drink good beer all day. Unfortunately my looming sickness ruined that dream (spoiler alert).

The reception was at the Vancouver Convention Center West. From the dining room you could see the bay and the mountains, it was a really nice setting. I devoured my chicken dinner and half of Anne’s as well. I sat at the table with the Stephen’s mum. Stephen’s side of the family is from Ontario so they were under-represented there. The bride and groom gave some pretty hilarious and touching speeches later in the night. No one really got into the dancing very much unfortunately, but there was a really great photobooth where you could take pictures for free in ridiculous hats and costumes. Ridiculousness showed a direct correlation to alcohol consumption as the night progressed.

Anne and I left to make our way back to Nate’s place at around 1am and had a rough time of it because it was pouring rain and it seemed there wasn’t a cab in the city. We ran under overhangs and awnings (seems to be a common Vancouver activity) to the Sky Train and made our way alone (i.e. without Nate) back to Nate’s place.