Find sticky tags with Tortoise CVS in Windows 7 and Vista

Situation: I want to find a list of all the files in one of my CVS directories that have sticky tags. The code may have been stickied weeks ago, but is no longer receiving updates to the code due to it being fixed!

Problem: Any new (post XP) version of Windows does not allow custom columns in Windows Explorer.  Back in the Windows Server 2000, or XP days when you installed Tortoise CVS you would get a few columns (such as current revision and Sticky Revision) added to any CVS folders in Explorer.

Solution: After trying out a few different types of file managers with no success I finally found the solution inside Tortoise CVS. What you need to do is:

  1. Right-click your root CVS folder, go to the CVS menu, and click Update Special.
  2. Check the box “Get tag/branch/revision” and leave it as Head.
  3. Go to Advanced, and check Simulate update. Now don’t worry, NO FILES WILL BE UPDATED. You won’t be returning your whole application to head branch.
  4. Click OK and after CVS has run it should provide you with a list of files that will be returned to Head branch (basically the files you had stickied).

Hope this helps someone out there who had the same problem as I did.

Happy source-controlling,