jColourStrip: A jQuery Gradient Colour Bar

Here’s a fun little plugin I wrote. I wanted some really neat syntax to display little coloured bars that go from 0% to 100% width and as they grow they change colour from say red to green.

It’s very tiny, and easy to use.

* [Demo](http://mikemurko.com/demos/jColourStrip/demo.html)
* [Download .js](http://mikemurko.com/demos/jColourStrip/jColourStrip.js)
* [Download .zip](http://mikemurko.com/demos/jColourStrip/jColourStrip.zip)

Here’s all the syntax you need on your page to make it work (Note **0.2** is the percentage of the bar that is complete):

<div class="default" title="0.2"></div>