Of tablets, e-readers, and shady nomenclature

The market for tablets, e-readers, and mobile devices is booming and the lines separating once discrete devices is becoming blurry. When there's any explosion of technological devices there is always a struggle to find appropriate names for the devices that will inform customers what they are purchasing, and ensure their product "fits in" with other devices in the market.

The latest release of the Kobo Vox here in Canada is hailed as a "colour e-reader" and that's what got me off my ass to write this article. The Vox is not an e-reader. Under my nomenclature it is a Android-based tablet device with a (power hungry) LCD screen and custom applications to talk to an Indigo online store. I guess that's a mouthful … but it most definitely is not an "e-reader"!

Let me try and clear some air and hopefully someone at one of these companies will take heed and call their devices what they actually are and stop confusing customers!

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