Internet Explorer 9 Download Problems with Chrome

It turns out that my previous download troubles with IE9 were as a result of using the Google Chrome browser. When I view the siteĀ and try to download IE9 in Chrome I get an error message saying that my operating system is not supported. Viewing the site in any other browser (IE8 shown below, but Safari and Firefox work as well) then you get the proper download screen. Maybe this is an ActiveX thing that Chrome is blocking? Maybe it’s one of my Chrome extensions (I don’t use Adblock)? Anyone else have these problems?

IE9 – Bad to the bone

This morning I read that IE9 is better than other browsers because they “‘dilute’ their energies on other operating systems” with a whole lot of baloney hurrah about how IE9 will work with the operating system and the GPU. It’s all garbage, because as Robert O’Clallahan at Mozilla says – IE9 does nothing differently (unless you call shameful marketing ‘something different’).

All that aside I decided to try and download a copy and see how it ran. My quest was cut short – because it turns out I can’t download IE9. Microsoft said IE9 is optimized to work with your operating system – and they’re doing a right crap job of that from the start. When I visit the download page I get this:

The problem? I am running Windows 7! I can’t even download their damn software because their operating system detection is non-functioning. Well done Microsoft, this holds great promise for your latest and greatest steaming pile of internet sh*t!

I can’t say I look forward to fiddling with CSS/markup in yet-another-version of their spiteful browser until, as Ringo* once said, ‘I’ve got BLISTERS on my fingers’.

*Edit: I should have consulted my Beatles representative before posting. It was Ringo not Paul who said this. Thanks Matt … although I’m still not sure how drummers can get finger blisters. Too much twirling.