Make the new Gmail look more compact

I was instantly frustrated by the amount of padding on the new Gmail look (released to me on Nov 2nd, 2011). Turns out it's quite easy to fix. Just click the "Gear" button (the lower one, not the top right corner). And choose from the fuzzily named Comfortable, Cozy, or Compact. Personally I prefer Cozy or Compact, but Comfortable is probably only suited if you either have a 40 inch monitor or are legally blind.

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Self-Sent Gmail Filter

Do you send yourself reports as backups? How about using email to copy a file over to print it on school computers? For whatever reason, I often find myself sending an email to myself using Gmail. Finding these weeks or months later can often be a major pain.

So, I came up with a neat solution: create a filter to collect all self-sent emails in one place. Continue reading

Never Visit Nexus Again!

For anyone who’s tired of the web-based interface that UW’s Nexus offers, here are some tips so that you never have to go back there again! I’ll tell you how you can move your email away from Nexus (your engmail account) as well as how to access your N: drive from anywhere using FTP. I am assuming you are using Gmail for these tips because it makes it all 100x easier. Continue reading