IEEE Referencing for Word 2007 + 2010

Not a lot of people know how to do proper IEEE referencing in Word 2007 or 2010. The benefits of doing this are immense both for individuals and teams. It allows automatic renumbering of references, automatic bibliography creation, as well as providing a collection of your references in one file – even when multiple people work on the same document. This also works on OS X, you just need to find the corresponding folders. Sounds appealing? Right, let’s get started.

IEEE Reference Style

First thing’s first, download the above file. It’s hosted on my server, but the original is created by Yves at Codeplex. You can check that out as well.

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For my fourth year project, I am part of a team working on electrochromic sunglasses. The basic idea is that by using a small 3V watch battery and an included switch you can completely change the tinting of your eyewear.

The battery and switch can be integrated flush into the frame and therefore present a commercially viable, attractive sunglass solution for prescription eyeglass wearers. Continue reading

Never Visit Nexus Again!

For anyone who’s tired of the web-based interface that UW’s Nexus offers, here are some tips so that you never have to go back there again! I’ll tell you how you can move your email away from Nexus (your engmail account) as well as how to access your N: drive from anywhere using FTP. I am assuming you are using Gmail for these tips because it makes it all 100x easier. Continue reading