jQuery UI Autocomplete Dynamic Delay

As part of a project I’ve been working on recently I chose to implement a jQuery UI autocomplete bar. Now, due to the application I have heavily customized it. One of these customizations is something that I call ‘dynamic delay’. So what is it? Basically the delay time varies depending on how many characters have been typed into the input box. As the user’s query becomes more specific, the delay dies off. So if you enter in “a”, it will wait a second until it returns any results. If you type in “as” it will have a 0.5s delay. I think it makes for a nicer user experience (than simply having a minimum character input). Also, from the ajax I only return the Top 25 rows, that way the load is never too high on the database. Click below for a demo, or read after the break to see how I do it. For best effect type “harry” slowly into the textbox in the demo … you’ll see the shortening delay.

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