Here’s a few tips on how to access journal articles, research papers, and pretty much anything from home using University of Waterloo library’s server.

First: drag these few links into your bookmark bar and you’ll have pretty easy sailing through these websites.

It’s pretty easy, click on the links and it first logs you into the UWLib proxy server. Type in your watcard # and last name and you’re in. The cool thing with Google Scholar is that all journals you visit from there will automatically remember you’re logged in through UW’s proxy. No more logging in!
That’s all fine and dandy, but sometimes you come across a weird site (such as PubMed) and you want to access that damn article! I mean, you’re a student right? You can’t even afford to pay for white chicken nuggets and have to settle for the dark stuff. Yeuch! Well fortunately you don’t have to go making custom bookmarks for every site – you can just use this: a bookmarklet.


That looks scary, but if you make a new bookmark and plop this in as the URL you’re set. This reloads whatever page you are on as if it were in the UW proxy. Neat eh? Here’s a video tutorial that should should you how to do this. A video’s worth a million words after all.

That’s all folks! Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Derek Cheng

    hey~ thanks for the tutorial~ its really useful for my QM class lol
    Are you going to put up a tutorial for zotero?