For my fourth year project, I am part of a team working on electrochromic sunglasses. The basic idea is that by using a small 3V watch battery and an included switch you can completely change the tinting of your eyewear.

The battery and switch can be integrated flush into the frame and therefore present a commercially viable, attractive sunglass solution for prescription eyeglass wearers.The main competition for this technology is photochromic (Transitions) lenses which can take up to 10 minutes to fully change colour. Here are some of the specifications of our glasses:

  • 75% transparency in the bleached state
  • 10% transparency in the tinted state
  • 4.5 seconds to switch from light to dark
  • 7.1 seconds to switch from dark to light

You can find out more about my design project at www.quickchromics.com. Let me know what you think in either the comments below or on the QC site itself.