Keurig Reusable K-Cup

I generally see K-cups as the anti-earth with their devilishly tempting ease-of-use and really wasteful and non-degradeable plastic packaging, all for just a single cup of coffee. I do however really enjoy the concept of a single cup coffee maker, so imagine my caffeinated joy when I saw the “My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter“! Read more after the break!

I found the reusable filter in one of those gadgety, home style, sharper-image type stores in the mall. It cost $20 but the link I posted on Amazon is a tad cheaper but you have to ship it. $20 well spent I say. Basically you can buy any brand of coffee you’d like, grind em up (or buy them ground), and just drop 2 and a half tablespoons into the filter, screw on the cap and you’re away with a single cup of coffee with no waste at all!

Here’s a comparison. On the left you see the reusable kcup filter with some old coffee in it, the container, and the lid … and on the right you use the black container and a disposable kcup.

I also like that I can adjust the amount of coffee, as well as pack it a bit tighter for a stronger brew. Truth be told I’ve had a few mishaps where I didn’t put the lid on and coffee water sprayed out of the Keurig like a caffeine breathing dragon. That is mostly due to my stupidity, so your results may vary.

Here’s a quick ROI (return on investment) calculation for whether it’s worth it to buy one of these suckers:

Reusable: $20 initial, $0.20 per cup

K-cup: $0 initial, $0.58 per cup

# days before ROI: 18 days

Cost savings per year: $395


3 cups of coffee per day (my intake, but about double if you include the whole family), K-cups from Timothys at $14 for 24, Reusable from Tim Hortons $7 for 343g and using 10g per cup

What I’ve discovered through this process is the best savings can be realized when …. I decrease my coffee intake to 1 cup per day! Doh!

Happy brewin’,