Favourite Google Shortcuts

On almost all Google products my favourite keyboard shortcuts: ‘j’ to progress forward and ‘k’ to go backward in a list. It’s fantastic, saves you time, and stops you from cumbersomely grasping at the mouse. Long live the Home Row! Read more for one awesome voice activated shortcut.


I use this in Gmail to sort through my inbox with just my keyboard. Pressing j and k to go down my inbox and hitting x on each entry I want to do something with. At the end I’ll have a list of 10 or so emails, and then I’ll either apply some labels to them, or simply archive them by pressing the e key. You can enable this feature by going to the little “cog” icon in the top right, Mail Settings, and on the first page set “Keyboard shortcuts on”.


If you turn on Instant Search here you can search for something and then use your arrow keys (not as cool as ‘j’ and ‘k’, but there you go).

Also: I also found this http://www.google.com/experimental/#BetaShortcuts site which lets you enable j and k on your Google searches (just click “Join this experiment” on the Keyboard Shortcuts). I couldn’t get it to work with Google.ca (which google seems to force me to use since I’m in Canada), so make sure that you click the link at the bottom of the search home page that says “Go to Google.com”. Doing this also allows you one other cool feature which is voice search! It really works. Click the microphone thing and if you computer/laptop has a mic (most do) then just say what you want to search for. I guess .com has had this for a while. No .ca love I guess.

Google Plus and Google Reader

You can use the same j and k shortcuts in these two apps to quickly navigate up and down posts. Works like a charm. On Google Plus you see a thin blue bar beside your current entry. You may have to click in some blank space of a single post before this starts working.

That’s all and I hope this is news to someone because I thoroughly enjoy these shortcuts.

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