Damn you Windows Server 2012!

Recently I set up a dedicated server with SoftLayer as a hosting provider. They offered the choice between Windows Server 2012 and 2008. When trying to find documentation on the versions of 2008, I noticed an interesting thing – Microsoft has removed all documentation for Server 2008! Here, give it a try.

  1. Google “Windows Server 2008”. Other than Wikipedia the first link is “Windows Server 2012”.
  2. Visit this Technet link for Server 2008 documentation. Click “Windows Server 2008 R2 Editions Overview”. Where you do get? “Windows Server 2012: How to Buy”

See what I mean? I even chatted with a representative on their website who basically told me to fuck off and buy Server 2012 already. Refused to provide any information on the versions of 2008, or where I could find reliable information.


So in my gut, I felt like M$ was abandoning 2008 and I should stick with 2012 because … it’s the way of the future dude. Well – nuts to that! Got everything up and running and now Server 2012 comes with IIS 8 … a totally untested mess whose UI crashes frequently. It can’t add PHP Manager (either 5.4 or 5.3) and the Web Platform Installer crashes every time you try to open it.

It seems like no matter which side of the Obama administration you decide to choose (2008 or 2012), Microsoft seems compelled to serve you up piece of shit documentation. However if you choose the re-election year, be prepared for buggy software, no community or even corporate support, and the bizarre “Metro” functionality that impresses on you the sense of wonder and total confusion you last felt on your first x486. But hey – at least now I can administer my mission critical web application with the swipe of a finger! Right guys? Right?

  • Jkeane

    Go down lower in the technet site, under the Deliver section. You’ll find the links you need. If you hover, pick the ones that have (WS.10) in the link, those are the product specific pages, not the generic, a.k.a. latest version, pages you are looking at.

  • Aleksey Tkach

    Microsoft products became more crappy each year… Very tricky interface…
    I cannot tune things quick as before, and i’m thinking to move back to linux…

  • James

    Congrats. Top Google search result for “F#&% Windows Server”. As far as I can tell the core networking now runs on magic and prayers exclusively. I’m about ready to throw this box out the window and take up painting.