Android Disable Ads Hack

Tired of ads? After a little experimenting I found I could easily disable ads in all games that I downloaded. This isn’t as useful in actual apps that need the internet to function, but works perfectly well for things like Angry Birds, Moonchaser, Yooninja, and more. Obviously you won’t be able to upload scores and such using Feint, but you’ll be happy and ad-free!

It’s simple! Just turn off your phone’s internet! On my Android Galaxy S I just hold the right-trigger down, when it comes up with the menu I just turn off data-mode, or put it in Airplane Mode where no internet/wifi will work. Load up the game and bam – no ads!

The generic way on Android is to go to Settings>Wireless and network>Check “Flight mode”. Back out and go to your games and you’re done.

Don’t forget to turn off Flight mode when you’re done because you won’t be able to receive calls, texts, or anything.

Finally, I don’t fully support doing this as advertising revenue is pretty much the only way we get free apps, so I tend to use it sparingly or not at all on some of my favourite free games.

Happy app’ing,