Hockey Players Union

I helped Jason set up the the and .ca domain name and at first a simple WordPress blog so he could get the word out about his new hockey lace bracelet product. I set him up with email addresses, a quick tutorial on how to edit the site and he was away. Jason and I have evolved the site quite a bit over the last year or so and it looks pretty different to how it began. I’m happy with it and I hope he is as well!

We also got Paypal set up on there so he can start accepting payments for his products and then ship them out as soon as he receives the email order confirmation. Check it out and hopefully you’ll find one of those bracelets to be a great stocking stuffer! Some of the proceeds go to a good causes as well.

CEM Benchmarking

CEM Benchmarking Inc. is an insurance benchmarking firm based in Toronto, ON. I was employed on my first co-op term I was charged with the task of re-designing their front-end customer page as well as a C# .NET forum-like application called the Peer Network. The Peer Network hooked into a new SQL Server 2005 database and all the .NET code was written from scratch in a 3-tier object oriented architecture. Working with another designer in-house, there were many design iterations before we found a feel that would exemplify the quality of insurance fund benchmarking that CEM offers. The site is both modern and functional and the Peer Network is highly valued by CEM customers. Blue as a colour scheme was used heavily throughout the site as it had to mesh well with the existing logos colours (which were dictated to remain unchanged from a previous design). The entire project took 3 months to complete.

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